Monday, 12 March 2018

I'm late,I'm late ...

Spring is in the air BUT it feels a little far away yet. So I had a little fun with this atc. My spring bunny happens to be from Alice in Wonderland. Its Stencil month at Altered Pages. I had fun with mine. 

I began by choosing a Tim Holtz brick stencil and some home made texture paste. Made from a mix of School glue (PVA in UK ) talcum powder and white paint.

I used a tool to smooth on the paste over the stencil and then left to dry overnight. I painted over with a coat of pale yellow acrylic paint and dried with heat gun. 

When dry I chose Vintage Photo distress ink and using an applicator I sponged over the bricks in a random way so it varied the coverage. 

I cut the card to fit over an atc size card and glued down, 

I chose some flowers,charms etc from my stash and adhered. Then added the text using my Dymo labeller. I was pleased with the results it was a lot of fun. 

Friday, 9 March 2018

couldn't be happier

Adam is home and ok. needed change of meds and follow up appts but home and ok now. Thank you for all your good wishes and prayers. I am happy with the simple things in life, family and friends. love and peace.
Going to see my grandson Joshua in a dance contest tomorrow evening. Josh is our little 'Billy Elliot' lol. He loves dance and gymnastics.
Josh is 14 years old and my second eldest grandchild. He is in the middle on the photo below.

So this is my theme for the weekend. ....

I love to Boogie

So back to creating roof tiles for my scary house. 

Making these from coloured cardstock and then painted, distressed (it has to look old and brokenish  ) and then dry brushed. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Crafting and such

Today I wanted to share some art and stuff. I will do that further down.

Adam ( my son, see previous post ) is still in hospital. results of the lumbar puncture are clear. He will be having an MRI scan today then referred to Neurosurgery at another hospital either as in patient or out patient. Will find out later.

So my husband Sam decided to get into crafts and we now do them together. In January we finished this Fairy house. we built it from clay and we painted and made all the accessories from scratch.

SO what about now ? This is what I am working on now, I created these tiles to make the roof for my altered dolls house. This will be a spooky house so the tiles are meant to be aged, 

Ok a good day feeling accomplished, working on projects and even baked an apple pie which we will have with cream soon. Just waiting for news from Adam. 

Let me know what was the last item you cooked or baked ? 

Happy Wednesday evening from June in the UK x

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Thanks friends.Subject change

I would like to thank all the lovely ladies ...  Alison59  Susi  Tracey  and Stacey  For your lovely and uplifting words. I have decided to do just that. Put it down to a busy mind and being on auto-pilot. Funnily enough I spoke to my sister Mandy and she agreed with you all. Huge hugs and thanks my lovely friends.

I have to change the subject today because the subject in my life right now is my eldest son Adam. Adam is 39 years old and when he was 30 he suffered a Stroke, We did not expect him to survive. He made a remarkable recovery but they also found that he had an aneurysm across on the other side of the brain. That  meant a couple of months after recovering from the stroke, he had to have an operation to coil off the aneurysm. All terrifying but thankfully he pulled through and had been ok apart from living on bp meds since. 
Until yesterday. He had been complaining of headaches but yesterday he blacked out while in town with his wife. We took him to hospital and he is currently having tests. Please keep him in your prayers. 

This is Adam my son with his youngest daughter Evelyn 

On a lighter note. Today I had to bite the bullet  (sorry but just had to ) in going to the dentist for a scale and polish. I have really sensitive teeth and had to spend the next few hours feeling like I had a football for a mouth. Its worn off now thank goodness lol. 

I will leave you today with one last thing ....  Let me know in your comments one of your pet hates 

I HATE .... ANGRY PEOPLE .... There is no need for it lol. 


Monday, 5 March 2018

Real Memory problems

This is a photo of my parents taken on my 50th birthday which will be 9 years ago in June.  Dad since then got Cancer and sadly died. Mam at the time was in mid stage Early onset Alzheimers. She was 69 at the time. I miss them both in different ways. Dad has gone physically and Mam has gone into the blackness of dementia. 

I am beginning to show real signs of Early Onset Alzheimers disease. I will give one example and talk more about it tomorrow. 

Yesterday I was making tea and toast for breakfast and the toast went missing. I looked and looked but nowhere to be seen. I began to look into silly places and there it was. Two slices of unbuttered toast sitting lonely on top of the clean dinner plates in the kitchen wall cupboard  (reminding me of the many times I found similar things when I was mams carer ) 

Oh well have to laugh crying ..... big girl pants on and all that  :) 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Different post

Hi my friends, Hoping everyone is well and life is being good to you. I am good, I am strong and determined so whatever you take from the post below please do not think I need sympathy or anything like that it is just that when I first made this blog I made the title 57 BEYOND  because I wanted to use it for all kinds of everything in my life from the age of 57 and beyond. Now those things should include good and bad. Its kind of a journal with bits and bobs of all kinds and up until now I have mainly used it for crafts and arts so anyone who wants to skip this or any future posts like it, feel free to do so.

I WILL be posting the following things in the future. 

Thoughts and feelings

Things that are happening to me as I get older

Quotes and links

Videos from you tube I want to share and why

Crafts and arts of course

Total and complete honesty.

WHY ?   ......   I need to put things in black and white. I need to share because its important I do, some things I share to make me feel better, some I share to hopefully help other people. 

The things I need to talk about in the next few days will be




These will be the things I want to talk about first. I hope I wont bore anyone. I do intend the blog to be informative and upbeat though so please don't feel its going to be gloom and doom. It wont be, that is not who I am lol.  

  1. Anyway, enough  !!!   That's another thing. The posts will be short, I do not want to have long winded posts 


Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Seer Apothecary Altered Book.

In 2017 My hubby Sam decided to create an apothecary from an old gardening book, He took out the pages and built the shelves from card. We both worked on the project for a month but unfortunately we did not finish properly until now due to The season, Illness etc. Anyhow we are both rather pleased with this project which is about 14 inches high (a big book )  We loved how it turned out. Here are the pics. 

Over at my other blog Dezinaworld I have a mountain of free images for my friends to enjoy. Go HERE